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Hey all, take a look at this poetry contest!

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The Gods’ Singer


the Gods’ singer,

rages against

the sun. Read More

Write the Answer

Who are you? Read More

Such a Heavenly Place

O’ peaceful day,

thank you for your breeze. Read More

The Old Wind

An old wind blows
through the hills,
bending trees
with its icy chill. Read More

The Dance of Old

Formalities and forms
dictate the norms,
whereupon we step
in the dance of old. Read More

The Poet’s Prayer

If you’re listening,
hear my honesty.
Hear my truth,
dedication, and

My thoughts are Rhapsody… Read More

The Unknown Flower

The scent, carried
upon the storm,
reminded me of
the good times,
upon which our
life was formed. Read More


You meant The Me,
definitely. Read More

The Seafarer’s Knot

“Seafarer, where are
you? Are you near?
I can’t hear your call…
my sails are whipping.” Read More

Plenty of Fish

I cast a net,
wide and deep,
ocean waves,
into the sea. Read More

Steam From the Asphalt

When I was a child,
the rain felt different. Read More

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