Artistic Bricks

I am breaking things
to make them all new.
Will the beauty be
seen, or be eschewed?

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To Replenish Their Light

Ancient oaks lined the path.

Spanish moss, grey, a subtle splash
in the dusk, barely lit, torchlight,
fireflies flit on their way to catch
the last rays of sun, to replenish
their light.

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Coffee With Aretha

“Do you have to leave,
Mrs. Franklin? You’ve
been here all my life,”

I asked as she rose.

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Under The Moon

If I can just rage
at the moon long
enough… I’m strong,
but maybe not
strong enough. Face
the longing, lost
love, found fear, I
sear within and
I know you’re near,
but I’m helpless
under the moon,

“Luna, I fear.”

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The Gods Cried

Upon the birth of mankind,
the Gods, crestfallen, cried.

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Two Eagles Are Flying

This mountain high,
the aerie side,
I leap into the sighs
of the wind, flying.

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Poetry Contest

Hey all, take a look at this poetry contest!

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The Gods’ Singer


the Gods’ singer,

rages against

the sun. Read More

Write the Answer

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Such a Heavenly Place

O’ peaceful day,

thank you for your breeze. Read More

The Old Wind

An old wind blows
through the hills,
bending trees
with its icy chill. Read More

The Dance of Old

Formalities and forms
dictate the norms,
whereupon we step
in the dance of old. Read More

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