Oberon Vs. the Book

Oberon: As I pen this entry, I can feel your icy tendrils clawing at my mind.  You, the keeper of secrets, are trying to dig out the hidden things, but I will not let you!  Of secrets, I know a few myself… for example, I know your secret, you damned tome.  Your plain cover conceals it, but you can’t keep anything hidden from ME. You are the Eon Codex and I’m not afraid of the secrets you keep!  I am your better and I demand you do as I bid!

The Book: You have me at a disadvantage, Fey.  How did you come to learn this thing?

The whispers of the Ancients were all I needed to piece this puzzle together.  Not only do I know your secret, but the entire Eon Lotus has been laid bare.  Oh, what I will do with this knowledge astounds even me.

Creature, you cannot fathom what you speak of.

Do not speak to me of understanding!  There is none like Oberon in all of Tyrra!  I wield the power of mastery and I am not afraid to grasp the rung of greater power.  Ah, but you have tricked me, haven’t you?  Now you know my name and we all know that names have power.

Indeed they do, immortal.  What is it you seek, Oberon of the Fey?

…of the Fey?  I am KING of the Fey and I demand respect!  It is not a matter of what I SEEK from you, it is a matter of what I demand you do.  I command you!  Fulfill my demand.

As you say, masterful lord.  Please, tell me what you demand.

Beneath your icy claws lays a thing.  A thing so sinister, I must wipe it from my mind.  I demand you take this thing and hide it within your pages.  Strip it from my mind, for I cannot stand it anymore!

I will do as you command, master.  You must tell me the secret first…

As you wish, book.  Deep beneath the fields of Eirinn lies a hidden thing of sinister importance.  With my help, the Green Lady hid it within the roots of the mighty Treespire, where no one could ever see it.  This… thing… is the darkness where I am the light.  It is death where Eirinn is life. When she… summoned… me from the ether, the Green Lady made a terrible mistake.  She failed to consider that all great things must have an opposite.  All opposites have equal power.  I, Oberon, King of the Ages, am a being of such power.  Yet, I have an opposite.

…what is this opposite, Master?

It is The Antithesis.  It is all things that I am not.  Its existence is not what troubles me, however.  As you are aware, book, Eirinn was recently sieged by my nemesis Balor.  He attempted to take what was not his!  Eirinn, mine by right, would not fall into his Chaos-stained hands.  I would not allow that to happen!

What happened then, master?

I demanded help from all quarters, but the arrogant idiots in the ether wouldn’t help me.  They spat in my face!  How dare they… nonetheless, preserving Eirinn was a thing that must be done and I found a way.

Please tell me, master.

I went into the dark vault beneath the Treespire and spoke to it. The Antithesis. I demanded that it assist me in preserving the realm!  After all, Eirinn was its home, of sorts, wasn’t it?  It refused to help.  Oh, the gall of this thing.  I would not be denied, though.  I offered it secrets, it denied.  I offered it wealth, it denied.  I offered it FREEDOM, yet it still denied me! 

You could not get the aid you required.  What occurred next?

The Antithesis made a counter-offer… it demanded my very soul!  MY SOUL! How dare it? Naturally, I refused such a ridiculous demand.  It then demanded the very souls of my people!  It demanded the souls of every Fey on Tyrra!

What did you do, Finvara the Cunning?

I laughed because I knew this thing had no power over me.  The Fey are mine and only mine and this creature could never change that.  Knowing its ignorance, I made a pact with it.  That’s where this cunning you speak of came into play.  The terms of our agreement demanded that the souls would be forfeit upon my death.  That’s the amusing thing… I cannot die!  I am part of Eirinn and Eirinn is truly immortal! 

So, you agreed to give over the souls of all Fey on Tyrra to this thing?

I did, but it was a game of chance that I could not lose.  Eirinn is no longer part of Tyrra and I win the hand.  It matters little if I’m wrong.

And why is that, Your Majesty?

Don’t you see, book?  There will never come a time that Oberon stares Death in the face.  No power of Tyrra frightens me thus.  The Antithesis demanded a thing it simply cannot have.

I have but one question before I do so… if you have won this gambit, why then do you wish the secret erased?

How dare you question my wants.  I am your master and I demand that you make this come to pass!  Do it!  Now!

Very well, foolish Oberon.  I will erase this thing from your memory.  Close my cover and all will be well… until The Age of Discovery.

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