The Red Brick Road

Dorothy trod The Yellow Brick Road

Toto rushed, to and fro.

But, what of the other Path? Red. Stone.

Can it be walked alone?

Like all Gods, the Great Oz was Deceit

Yellow bricks, eager Feet.

Dorothy’s False God, she would Entreat.

Empty thought, all a Cheat.

Is all that glitters gold? Not Yellow bricks.

Oz’ glittering tricks?

Were the Other chosen, Ruby Red clicks,

Ignored by Scarecrow’s sticks.

The Red Brick Road wound to fearful Places,

Hopeless, tearful Faces.

Where the Red Road ends, no Oz, no Traces,

False Gods, or rigged Races.

The place it leads is Self-Reliance

Minds free from Oz’ trance.

Glittering gold? Fool’s Gold. Dalliance.

Choose the Red Bricks and Chance.

© All rights reserved, 2016.

5 thoughts on “The Red Brick Road

  1. Interesting thought 😀 I always thought the red brick road would lead into the munchkin village. But that would probably have been nice. She could have had a great time with the munchkins, right up until she realised she had the power to go home by herself.

    1. Thanks! I quite like your idea. Did the Munchkins withhold some easier option from Dorothy? Maybe they forced her on that diabolical Hero’s Journey.

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