On the Origin of Necromancy, Part One

(What follows is unused/unusable material from a LARP I attended. I wasn’t able to tell the story, but I think some may enjoy it, nonetheless. These words do not necessarily reflect reality in that game, so don’t think of them as spoilers.)


In the darker times, a distant world spun endlessly in the Ether. It was a lone world and a lonely world. Yet, it was home to living things. They were thinking things. Ancient forces had brought them to this place and they had forgotten their homes and their names. Toiling endlessly, these creatures, some familiar, set about the greatest project: let the Eon Lotus blossom.

This land, beyond all things, yet before all things, was a seed. The living things were eternal gardeners, charged to make the soil fertile and allow The Lotus to reach for the stars. Those gardeners were much like us in physical form, yet there were occasional differences. Half stood at heights common to our kind. Indeed, they looked much like us. Pale skin, nearly black skin, and all shades in between. Straight hair and tightly coiled. To be practical, they were Human. The other half was stout and short. Great beards and strong arms. They believed themselves to be of the stone beneath their own feet. Proud and stubborn, some may have referred to them as Dwarves.

These Humans and Dwarves held their mission to their hearts. It was their task to ensure that life itself continued. Yet, they were not gods, though they possessed power beyond my own. These ancient gardeners tilled the soil then and they till it to this very moment, but there is an important thing you should know. They almost killed the Eon Lotus.

A few things of note…

I suppose you’ll need a lesson on cosmology for this to make the most sense. I shall endeavor to explain these nebulous things as best I can. The story is filled with contradictions and mysteries, some of which I have no answer for, but the starting place is clear… at least to me.

In those ancient times, the cosmos was nothing. It was an empty space… no, that implies it had boundaries. How can a finite mind conceive of the infinite? I’m not at all sure, but please try. Perhaps it was in the center of this nothingness that our world gleamed? Again, that implies some outside edge to it. This effort may frustrate me more than I expected. In any case, somewhere in that emptiness a speck of something floated. That would be the world I call home. It was my garden.

None of us held a single memory of that came before. Yet, we had skills and knowledge. All of us had a specialty. We each held convictions and beliefs. How could these distinct things even be? What birthed those things? Were we also grown in some cosmic garden? Were the unique things about us merely a subtle difference in flavor? I digress as there are no answers for those questions. We simply were.

On to more interested things! The vast nothingness of those ancient cosmos was a consumer. It craved the flesh of our world. We called it, perhaps unimaginatively, The Void. As previously mentioned, it was entirely lacking in pleasant or unpleasant things. Was it even there? Perhaps not, but it could certainly destroy your flesh and your soul. You would be swallowed in one gulp and simply be gone… forever. Certainly a thorough digestion.

Our world, all alone in the vastness of infinity, was not protected by we Humans, nor by those Dwarves, but by the other inhabitants of our land beyond. Were you to be blessed with the chance to lay eyes on one of theses magnificent creatures, you would likely describe it as a Dragon. In appearance, they fit that common description quite well. After all, one of our Dragons was the mother of yours.

Mechanics… where was I? Oh! The Void, as we learned to our dismay, isn’t entirely lacking in things. It only lacks what we, to include you, know to be possible. There is no matter, no light, no thought, no movement, nothing except The Maelstrom. The name is ours, but it’s a suitable label. This is not something that you, or even I, can process as a real thing, but our Dragons can. That’s what makes them special.

The Maelstrom is… entropy. It’s madness. It’s nothing, but somehow everything. It’s a non-thing that things can be made from. As it was described to me, if a Dragon stares into The Void, she will see The Maelstrom. From there, she may exert her will over it and shape its fractured barbs. The Eldest described it as a sort of Weaving. It’s quite likely that my home was woven in the way. Perhaps even myself!

In any case, it is vitally important that you understand that The Void can be pushed back by our Dragons. They can create from its blackness. Something from nothing. They are the only living creature that can do so. It’s really quite amazing.

Some clarity…

You may recall that I mentioned The Eon Lotus. As you certainly know, a lotus is a flower that can thrive in the harshest conditions. The Eon Lotus is not a literal flower, but the much desired blossom of our figurative seed. I will explain.

My home is the Garden. We Humans and Dwarves are the Gardeners. Our Dragons are the bees. If we have tended them with care, they fly off into the blackness of The Void, desperately looking for a place to sleep and shed the pollen that creates life. They will stare into The Maelstrom and give it form and life and existence. Then, they will sleep, as their function has been satisfied.

But, there is an important thing that I haven’t touched on: what purpose does The Eon Lotus serve? It is an effort to create the perfect world. A place for us all to rest in the End Time. A place of peace for all and a world in harmony.

To date, we have failed at each attempt.

When things really came off the tracks…

I’ve no way to know from where or when you may be reading this, but some of what follows may strike a familiar note to you.

There is a tightly controlled process for attempts to grow The Eon Lotus. We all have jobs to complete. For my part, I, and my ‘siblings,’ were charged to help a youthful Dragon reach an age where she may venture forth into The Void. As was the tradition, we numbered eight. Each was a teacher to the young Dragon. When she embarked on her journey, we would be close behind to maintain her creations. Again, we would be gardeners.

As with most thinking creatures, we had a hierarchy. Our seniors were responsible for managing the process and interpreting the directives outlined in The Keystone. It is a large gemstone that holds many great secrets, but the most topical is that is hold the instructions for how to create a perfect world. The eight of us would teach our Dragon these secrets to prepare her for what would come.

For now, I’ll leave that thought unexplained. More to come, my friends…

© All rights reserved, 2017, CGT.

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