St. Peter’s Ledger

First, came the illness.

Then the cracks appeared.

Blackness oozed freely

and stained those around me.

Am I hard to deal with?

I suppose so.

Do I have any great sins

on St. Peter’s ledger?

Not really.

I am a loyal man

and would give anything I can

for those I love.

Why, then, do they walk away?

One by one, they leave.

Is it me or them?

There is only one person

that seems to care enough

to stay involved.

Don’t mistake this for a desperate plea,

it’s not,

but it is a recognition

that I can go it alone.

That’s the unfortunate place

I now find myself in.

Confidence restored,

and isolated even more,

I can only say,

fuck them all.

My dogs are better people anyway.

© All rights reserved, 2017.

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