*I’m fairly sure these are the first poems I ever completed. They were written for a roleplaying scene and had some pretty awesome props to go with.


May Village Fulcrum be freed,

Forge Ancient Lever of need,

I do swear to possess these things,

To render Eirinn safe in being,

The home for youth so fair,

These hundreds shall not despair.

Alone the youth shall not remain,

Bring others I will, without refrain.

By Eirinn’s grace, lives renewed,

Free of pain from Ancient feud.

To these others, I do appeal,

Sign true-name amongst the Seals.


I am called Arath.

Iron and blood could not prepare me,

For this tragedy hardly unforeseen.

By iron, by blood, I do solemnly swear,

Upon my back, the Children’s weight I bear.

Though final sacrifice may not prevail,

By blood, by Soul, these youth I avail.

Grandfather, save them, I do appeal,

And I will sign amongst the Seals.


I am called Janus.

I embark to restore these Children’s innocence;

Soul is stained by black hands of dogs maleficent.

Mend flesh, mend minds, mend hearts, I will;

Forever safeguard their priceless Faith, until,

Souls are wrought anew and graced by Eirinn.

To Grandfather, I entrust, care for kind and kin.

Forthright I am, as my true-name reveals,

I scrawl it here amongst the Seals.


I am called Maelona.

My Soul has touched the heart of Faith,

And left me shivering in its wake.

To these children, I do vow and swear,

To protect and cherish their Souls, so fair.

Faith, this glorious thing, has lit the way,

And in the children does my Faith lay.

Grandfather, please take my flock afield,

For I would sign amongst the Seals.


I am called Moira.

From heart to heart, I pass the love of child.

Tear them from the clutching hands of the vile.

Kindle their innocence like a great flame,

And restore Soul, Mind, and Body in name,

Of the Eirinn Throne, long vacant still,

Hidden there amongst the vacant hills.

To Grandfather I do entreat and appeal,

To see my name amongst the Seals.

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