Replete with Stars 

You are complete.

Replete with Stars.

No missing space,

No Puzzle Piece.

You, Tapestry.

You, Beautiful.

You, Rhapsody.

You are complete.

Do you feel need?

A need for Love?

Well, here’s the thing:

Love’s little feat,

Its Cosmic Way,

Chooses your Best,

Volume increased,

Played on Repeat.

© All rights reserved, 2017.

2 Comments on “Replete with Stars 

  1. Reblogged this on REPLETE WITH STARS and commented:

    Of those I’ve written, this is definitely in my favorites list. It might even be at the top. I’m not sure.

    In any case, I felt its title was a better name for this blog than Untrained Thought, so I changed it.

    Also, I’ve posted 101 poems! It’s a fun milestone.



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