Old Country (Lyrics)

Come down to the country

To the fields and old mines.

You ain’t what you should be,

All pant-suits and no time.

Come down from the city,

All that noise and long lines,

Come out to the country,

And I’ll show you a time.

There ain’t no mystery

Hold on and you’ll be fine

If you end up country

I’ll be yours, and you, mine.


I want to see you spin,

That fire is trapped within,

The fiddle calls again,

Just whip your skirts and grin!

Grab hold my hand, my dear,

I’ll surely pull you near,

Fiery eyes, no fear,

Baby, just hold my beer.


Ten years since you came home,

Ten years since we made love,

Ten years sure have gone on,

Since you gave me our son.

You’ve settled in my bones,

In my heart pumps your blood,

You’ve melted an old stone,

Just like I knew you would.

I see your grin and glow,

I pretend to not know,

The glow can’t be covered,

And you’re starting to show.


I love to see you spin,

That fiddle plays again,

You’re burning up within,

Just whip your skirts and grin!

Grab ahold those old pearls,

You’ll burn those boots and twirl,

Give an old country whirl,

And hold my hand, ol’ girl.


We’re old in the country,

On the porch, we’ll recline,

“Look at our family.”

We’ll sip muscadine wine.

You’ll cook up the green beans,

I’ll scoop up the red eye,

You’ll warm up the cornbread,

And the batter, I’ll fry.

“Son, pick up that puppy

And go put him inside.

“Tell sister and mother

We drank up all the wine.”


Bet you’re too tired to spin,

But your song plays again,

Your whipping skirts and grins,

Passed on to younger kin.

From here, we see them shine,

A match to yours and mine,

It’s plain to see, a sign,

Young country love, so fine.

© CGT, 2017.

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