The Cosmic Lovers’ Quartet

[These four poems are from last year. They are among my earliest and favorites. I know no one has time to dig through my archives, so I thought I’d post them together. I hope you enjoy!]

The Cosmic Lovers’ Quartet

Beyond Eon’s Black Reach

Binary stars trapped in a fever

Dream. Shared Soul burns in blue

Flame, eternity, dance forever,

He leads, yet follows, too.

Palms touch, She spins away to Venus

And beyond His reach, She

Seas, Serenity, Luna touched

Her foot, leaping and free.

His feet stamped against a billion stars’

Light of Red Giant, glowed

Between teeth, He pulled Her from afar,

Orion cheered the show.

They would spin to a place no light reached

Beyond Eon’s black reach

To the Earth, She led, “Rest!” He beseeched

Fate, this Dance cannot cease.

His Songbook? Spell-Book’s Page

Resonating, plucked strings call the Heart

Broken key halts the tune

Of lost lovers and discordant thoughts

Lingering. Bane and Boon.

Arpeggio learned from unknown worlds

A part, parcel, package

From the loved and lost, his song unfurls

His Songbook? Spell-book’s page.

From afar, Her hips flicked fire and heat

Suffocate, choking breath

Burning for release. Her rose? He reached

Blistering, no relief.

The Stars above sang a mournful tune

Less of love, more of need

Fullness and fog, His heart, Her fire blooms

This night. Each joined, yet freed.

Brightly, Blindly. Heart’s Gold.

Mother said, “Do not Dance for His sake.”

Forsaken? Seared by Flames.

Whipped to frenzy, Passion flares awake

And dreaming without shame.

Daughter said, “Mother, the Dance? My own.”

In this, She found her Soul

Filling while full, embers deep, did glow

Brightly, blindly. Heart’s gold.

Stars above, performed the slowest Dance.

Thorn-pierced tongue touched clenched Rose

Water. She flowed, thus, knew Him entranced.

Shaming Stars. Fits and throes.

For all these Years, she had heard His strings

Strumming, He wouldn’t speak.

Words? Unneeded. Strumming fingers sing

Songs. Love. She feared to seek.

Cosmic Lovers’ Caress

A trail of Suns gathered by Her skirt.

Sewn and weaved, Cosmos spun

Around, come undone, but serious?

Sirius. Dog-tired, done.

Lonely Earth begged loud, Eon’s demands

Unfilled, empty, Heartless

Thoughts banished by Strumming, Song, and Dance

Cosmic Lovers’ caress.

As Eon clawed to bring Lovers Home

Strummer plucked His high note

Eon raged, “Return before you’ve gone!”

Dancer laughed, Her ire arose.

“Eon, be damned, you fool!” She spoke low

Key, tuned, the strings un-broke

Lovers sent Lonely Earth’s wish back Home

New Lovers, Hearts awoke.

© CGT, 2016.

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