Three Sisters – Collection

The Gold Lady Sings

Of whispered things,

From deepest dreams,

The Gold Lady sings

To soothe our stings.

Head, bosom laid,

Our debts unpaid,

We cry, afraid,

Of what we’ve made.

From deep within,

That raging din,

Calmed, Gold Lady

Sings truth again.

The Silver Lady, Pure and Fated

The Silver Lady judged us lacking,

Yet swaddled us tightly. Her wrappings,

Warm and just, snug, fairly entrapping.

Shield against those forces attacking.

The Gold Lady begged her boon that day,

“Sister, assist where you can enter the fray.”

The Silver Lady, pure and fated,

Raised her shield, our shining palisades.

“Begone, you foul Forgotten Horrors!

The beasts recoiled. Gold, Silver auras,

Burned away their eyes and Blackened Hearts.

Push back The Horrors, Forgotten, Dark.

Wolves Prey, Iron Lady Fights

The Iron Lady cried rust-streaked tears.

It was she that Love and Justice feared.

For she preyed on hate, her Vengeance seared

Bores and burns in our enemies near.

Her Sisters summon, most unwilling,

The Vengeance, Wrath, Gold Lady would Sing,

“The beasts demanded this answering.”

Old Sun rose, questioned what Light would bring.

Babes, we slept undisturbed through the Night.

Love kept us warm, Gold Lady of Light.

Justice bade Truth, Silver Lady’s Might.

If the Wolves prey, Iron Lady fights.

© CGT, 2017.

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