I’ve Kept Your Ghost

Yesterday was an important day.

I sorted through memories, a decade.

Painful things and stains on what has passed

Went in the rubbish bin and away from me.

Plastic containers lay empty, stacked and neat,

Emptied of their pain and power and promise

To keep the grief-wheel turning around.

Twelve years has passed since you went away,

On those mountainous roads in middle-May,

But, here, in my heart, I’ve kept your Ghost,

Unresting and yearning to move on.

Yesterday was an important day.

Yesterday, I may have finally let you sleep.

Rest well, Carly, Rest In Peace.

Bereavement can root itself in your soul and chew away at the edges. Some things should be kept for their light, but unburden yourself of things that only cast shadows. Cleanse and be clean. To all that have lost, I hope you find peace.

© CGT, 2017.

2 Comments on “I’ve Kept Your Ghost

  1. I am torn as I read this beautiful, touching poem, Chad. As much as I want to feel “better” some days, I want to cling to every “thing” that was Carly’s, whether it is a physical item or mental image. All of my memories are good ones. My mind knows I should let go of some of the “stuff” and move on, but my heart won’t let me! With other events that are going on in my life, it is too easy to wallow in my grief. I understand your perspective, though. I do know it is helping you and I hope you can continue on this path. You need some good and positive things to happen! You deserve every happiness life has to offer you and it helps that you are reaching for it now.


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