Cookies for Nick


(I wrote this one last year, but I thought I’d republish it:)

O’er the World Wide,

The Young, Sparkling Eyes,

Gleam with Pride,

That Saint Nick will arrive.

Little Hands prepare,

Cookies and Milk with care.

Sleeping Babes would dare,

If peeping, of Nick beware.

Santa’s tireless Quest,

To bring Peace to those restless

Babes, from East to West.

Claus fail? Not yet.

Yet, Kringle must tire,

Down Chimney, through Fire,

Evade the Babes, unretired,

Place his Gifts ‘neath Tree Spires.

Christmas feat complete,

Crunch and Quaff tasty Treat,

Vigilant for tiny feet,

Escape, soar above snowy Street.

The Babes asleep, all know,

Secret Letter never shown,

Mrs. Claus’ wish, broadly sown,

Cookies for Nick, ’cause She misses Him so.

© CGT, 2016, 2017.

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