Travel Pano Pics

(Featured: my lazy travel dogs.)

Last year I drove from Atlanta, GA, to Anchorage, AK. The way up was 8,000 miles because of exploration (It’s minimally 4,500). The total trip was almost 13,000 miles. There are some interesting iPhone panoramic images (adjusted a bit) I captured along the way:

Yellowstone National Park:


Grand Tetons National Park, I think:


Victor, Idaho:


How could I forget? This one isn’t a pano, but it’s awesome. OLD MURPHY!


British Columbia, Canada:


Muncho Lake, BC! This place was amazing.


I wish you could have seen this view. Absolutely go there. It’s on 97 a ways east of Tetsa River Provincial Park. That’s Jerry lurking on the right.


Anchorage, AK, University Lake Dog Park:


I’ve got about 6,000 more photos to share…

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