She was The Fang

Her True Name was lost,

epochs, each unknown,

Her Heart bore the Frost

of the Dead, long gone.


Around the war fires,

they whispered her song.

Lyrics to inspire

savagery… anon.


Stepping light, she warred.

Her foes? Mundane.

Her Soul? Shredded scars.

She was The Fang.


Millenia’s Death,

She reaped and whirled.

With each ragged breath,

legend unfurled.


Finest of Thirteen,

the Captain’s will,

was the lonely thing

to sate Hunger – Kill.


O’ the Ancient War

had made The Fang.

Behind her mind’s bars,

this Beast, untamed.


The Captain sought peace

only for her.

But, War would not cease.

The Fang – Soldier.


Immortal was she,

as she’d always been.

Worst casualty,

of Wars Within.

© CGT, 2017.

Reposted from ’16.


“The Fang” concept art by Trey Justineau of Blue Muse Creations.

5 thoughts on “She was The Fang

    1. I know, right?! I find her to be terrifying and amazing. An immortal warrior, indispensable, but maddened by the things she’s been forced to do.

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