Blogging Poetry

Salt, Tears, and Waves

Sinking, but free.

Silent and alone, I sit
on this dark beach, deep-thinking.
Remembering a sinking
feeling of salt-wounds. Slits,

like gills, cuts, arterial
leaking, fishes called, feeding
on what had seeped. Still bleeding.
Listen! It brought me… the Call.

She’s there. Within the tide, She
calls to me, “Love, come inside,
and hear the silence. I, bride,
consummate and lay with me.”

I will join Her, but not yet.
It’s not time to go to those
damp linens for sodden bones,
where Salt, Tears, and Waves just met.

You, Sea Goddess, Siren-Thing,
Whisperer of the Waves, call
my name, so that through it all,
I will hear it as you Sing.

© CGT, 2017.

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