Reindeer and Candy Canes

Warm beneath the blankets, snug,

a red-cheeked child sleepless, hugged,

by Reindeer-dreams, Christmas Eve,

candy, cake, and naps, then eat!

Eat the wrapped peppermint canes,

then feed both dogs much the same.

They won’t tell, Santa won’t care,

his Reindeer eat the same fare.

But please, sweet child, go to sleep;

it takes nimbleness to creep.

Old Nick’s careful, but clumsy.

In the parents, he’s trusting

that the wee ones are sleeping,

an old accord worth keeping.

Give of your milk and cookies.

Yes, you. He’s also looking.

The tots are decent at birth;

they have stayed pure in their worth.

But are you, Old Moms and Dads,

worthy like the lass and lad?

© CGT, 2017.

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