Illustration Practice

I’veĀ always wanted to be a better illustrator, but I didn’t have the confidence to dive in. For some reason, it doesn’t seem as impossible anymore. I think it’s because I understand the scope of developing a style and how much study, practice, and research will be involved. I’m rather proud of the progress I’ve made on these two:

Princess Diana: obviously, my technique isn’t a technique, but that can be fixed with practice. It’s messy, but I like it. Here she is wearing some weird sea-monster armor. I think she’s very, very displeased with someone.


Wolverine! My first favorite character. I was obsessed with Wolverine back in the ’80s. I tried to convince my mother to let me be a crime-fighting vigilante, but she was having none of it. It looked better before I outlined with ink. Unfortunately, I didn’t get an image before that.


Is “seeing the Matrix” a thing where art is concerned? I think so. I’m starting to become aware that it’s there. Practice, practice, practice.

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