Video Poetry?

Ok, I made this. I made it in a hurry, so forgive the cliche sentiment and bad soundtrack. Is this an interesting format? I used GarageBand and PremierePro to make it, using public domain footage from Pond5. Take a look:

Seems pretty neat to me!


2 Comments on “Video Poetry?

  1. Hi Obol. I think the format looks good. The old hand-held film stock and the font is really nice – perfectly sized too. The music isn’t a perfect fit the way it drifts off at the end and I think this amplifies the feeling that your idea is not fully realised. Like there was one more thing you wanted to show. What sprang to mind in my crazy head was that after “But never forget” we’d see more footage, this time of the guy stabbing the girl to death. Again, sorry for the crazy idea!! 🙂 But my point is that for me there is something missing to draw a conclusion to the piece. But, to answer your original question: Yes, interesting format!


    • Thank you for that input. I suppose I should’ve storyboarded it before, but that process is almost entirely new. Now that I’m a bit more comfortable in Premiere Pro, I can start looking at After Effects for other techniques. I downloaded some ink bleeds that blow my mind. Thanks again!


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