I Made Coffee

So lovely, the word.

An expression,


but read

by distant eyes.

Perhaps, read aloud,

read inside,

or read right now,

but read,


and I am proud.

Proud to be

a part of your day,

a distant friend

to color milky the way

you view something

you may feel or say.

I made coffee,

let’s share,

sweetened with words,

my truth to say,

a little bitter

and unfiltered


dark, bold,

and me.

© CGT, 2018.

2 thoughts on “I Made Coffee

  1. “to color milky the way” reminds me of how cool it can be to see things in cream as it swirls into the coffee. (And makes me crave coffee.) I love the analogy to you in “Dark, bold, and me.” I admire you for fearlessly embracing who you are (but who am I?…..).

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