Hot From The Forge

Bring the truth,

no ruses, a sooth

to say, ruthless,

but true. You do

what you do,

I’ll push through

the confusing

abuses and drop

the hammer of truth,

crushing, bruises

from rhymes, losing

this time? Unlikely,

but black and blue,

your lies, tricks,


hot from the forge

and ready…

a thousand folds,


a layered tool

to cut you.

© CGT, 2018.

2 Comments on “Hot From The Forge

  1. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but I’d rather have broken bones than be branded with fiery words or cut with a fresh metal weapon of lies.


    • Lots of allusions to the samurai in my recent posts. Always been fascinated with that era of Japanese history.


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