The Span of Eternity

My toes curl over

the edge of this cliff.

A precipice, a gulf

that spans eternity

and calls me to it.

Sun Goddess, rise,

illuminate me, pull

the darkness from

my eyes. I salute you,

with each arm wide,

and await the moment

my shadow stretches

long, behind.

I am a Child of

the Sun, the Light.

Your warmth returned,

from my heart, the Sun rises

to burn the Dark

and Curse the Night.

© CGT, 2018.

3 thoughts on “The Span of Eternity

    1. Here’s one for you: “And there were seven Spanish Angels at the altar of the Sun. They were praying for the lovers, in the valley of the gun.” by Seals & Setser, as performed by Willie Nelson and Ray Charles. A beautiful favorite.

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