The Blue of Me

This beautiful day

sings to me, she says,

“Be at peace, sing,

release the things

that wound your heart.”

I sang to her, loud,

clear, and proud.

I sang my verse

to the sky, blue,

and heard it speak

to me – the truth.

“Life’s beauty rises

above the earth

and in these moments

glows rebirth.”

The blue of me,

the hue of me,

changed to match

the sky

and it was

new to me.

© CGT, 2018.

2 Comments on “The Blue of Me

  1. I just shared this with my sky photo on Twitter–hope that’s OK. Full credit given, of course.


  2. I like that you beat me to the poem and matched what I was feeling when the neighbors probably wondered how I could possibly be so fascinated for so long with my neck kinking and iPhone camera clicking… 🙂 What an awesome treat to find on that same day (ditto for Moonburning)!


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