The Sunderer

In the early days,
Elder Gods built
a cage around
my heart. My light,
this glow, could
tear their Blackness

They feared me.

The Sunderer of

Leaver of Fragments.

Dark Magics,
burned away by love.

Gods, be damned,
I have picked your locks
and I lurk in your halls
and vaults.

Standing by your
crypt, I will open
my eyes and mouth,
and burn away
the Elder Gods,
leaving no doubt,

they, asunder,

but not from hate.

© CGT, 2018.

9 Comments on “The Sunderer

  1. I like your RWS logo, btw. Did you make it yourself using your new course skills?


  2. Good you’ve got reply-thread nesting limits. Some fans get way too wordy….


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