Amidst the Coral Trees

Like some
deep sea
fish, I wished
to be free,

amidst the coral


But, a hook,
set deep,
in the crook,
where fin
and body

kept me from
hiding in my
Coral Sea,


pulling me to
the surface…

where I bleed,

swell, and


©️ CGT, 2018.

One Comment on “Amidst the Coral Trees

  1. This poem really speaks to me. The imagery of and creation of the coral as underwater trees sticks with me right off the bat. I stay there and enjoy the beauty of that moment and place for a while each time I recall this poem. Then the stark and dark tone shift/recurring reality… I can relate as it’s like my red balloon with my tether. To me, it’s an analogy for the demons that keep us prisoners, cruelly letting us believe they’d let us go, and when we finally do let ourselves believe it again, that cruel yank of the fishing line catapults us into that instant asphyxiation, sudden death of our hopes and dreams (or for me, the sudden and harsh reality from denial). My interpretation of your metaphor is exactly how it feels to me when that unexpected trigger hits out of nowhere, a feeling almost impossible to relate: you’ve done so here though. Thank you for doing so!


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