Brightly, Blindly. Heart’s Gold

Mother said, “Do not Dance for His sake.”
Forsaken? Seared by Flames.
Whipped to frenzy, Passion flares awake
and dreaming without shame.

Daughter said, “Mother, the Dance? My own.”
In this, She found her Soul
Filling while full, embers deep, did glow
brightly, blindly. Heart’s gold.

Stars above, performed the slowest Dance.
Thorn-pierced tongue touched clenched Rose
Water. She flowed, thus, knew Him entranced.
Shaming Stars. Fits and throes.

For all these Years, she had heard His strings
strumming, He wouldn’t speak.
Words? Unneeded. Strumming fingers sing
songs. Love. She feared to seek.

© CGT, 2016-2018.

2 Comments on “Brightly, Blindly. Heart’s Gold

  1. When you write like this, it makes me crazy because my brain hurts from rereading and working on the puzzle that keeps shifting to me. I am very pleasantly fascinated with this, especially the story-telling somehow connected to the universe (as in other poems of yours among my favorites).


  2. …OK, I’m just shamefully but openly entranced by this poem… so beautiful.


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