Daily Prompt: Bestow

Here it is,
my love,
the weight of worlds
and stars above.

This weight I bore,
for too long,


I bestow it
unto thee,
this thing,
collapsed weight,
Black Soul,

whose gravity

grew in the
blackness between


and me.

© CGT, 2018.

via Daily Prompt: Bestow

One Comment on “Daily Prompt: Bestow

  1. I really like this. Been trying to think why though. I think because it’s didactic to me: complex inner abstractness conveyed through imagery and analogy and symbolism so that another who doesn’t have that experience background knowledge can get some kind of sense about what it is, is like.

    Like my daughter used to at least be able to draw what her anxiety is like. Now she can’t even do that. I wish I could understand better. You are able to help me understand things better because you are drawing it for me in words. Hope some of that made sense… (Maybe I should have stopped at liked it lol.)


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