a black ‘Y’
between the Sun
and I.

You raised your arms
to the sky
in protest of the harm,
the heat, the lies.

my arms raised in time,
like you, I screamed,

“I am not fine!”

It seems that I
am the shadow…
Sun-breaker’s rhyme.

Do shadows feel?

I feel cast upon
the ground,
all of the time,
and I miss the yellow iris

of Sun-breaker’s eyes.

© CGT, 2018.

3 Comments on “Sun-Breaker

  1. Oh, my gosh. That’s fantastic! (Insert jaw-drop emoji.) I love that it’s riddle-like at first, then when you figure it out, it’s so much more profound, message-wise and craft-wise. So delightfully twisted and clever with “you” being the sun-breaker from the shadow’s perspective (the “real” you cast as the shadow–pun intended). The wit in your writing makes it a mental playground. I do hope Shadow and Sun-Breaker end up fine in rhyme in time… I love that my comments confuse the commenters. Lol. You know what I’m saying though, I think.


      • I understand that, too. (And sometimes another’s “like” and comment on my pain doesn’t seem right.) Hopefully, if we expel the right amount and mix of unpleasant bits into the cauldron, we’ll come up with the saving potion.


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