Stars Die Here

This divide between us
is a vacuum…
a frozen wasteland,
an expanse of space.

A place where sound
is eaten from the mouths
of each screaming face.

Stars die here in their silent graves.

No whisper will reach me,
nor my screams will you hear,
as we struggle to listen
to our echoing fears.

Orbit, revolve, no matter
at all, our whispers
will fall on the ears
of the Dog Star,
Sirius – through all
our worries,
he’ll be fast asleep,
until his name is called.

Dog Star,
sleeping beast,
hear our pleas,
and help us all.”

©️CGT, 2018.

One Comment on “Stars Die Here

  1. So, I woke and meant to comment on this poem, and now the day is done and I’m back to it.
    What I love about this one is that it fits different scenarios and relationships.

    On first read, I envisioned the whole thing as lovers separated by time/space and it was super powerful.

    THEN, I put it in the context of people with differing views who could even be sitting next to each other, which I related to my father who is cutting family and childhood friends out of his life over differing political views.

    All the scenarios for this poem are sad, but I do hear the important universal truths that need addressing loud and clear and there is a plea that may get answered, so it’s not final. “Where sound is eaten..” was the wow factor for me (and the stellar aspect, of course).

    For me, a good poem gets etched in the mind’s eye whether you want it to or not. Pretty sure all of yours do that for me because you see it yourself first, then write it, I imagine (that’s how my creative brain works anyway).


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