Madame Fate

“Fate, I am here
to make a trade.
We’ve long made
trouble between
us, but today ends
those ways.”

Curious, Fate
placed her glass
upon the table,
and asked,

“Oh? What do
you have to say?”

I pondered the way
in which I should
present my case…

“Madame Fate,
from your threads
and weaves,
the experience of
life is made.
Thus, also,
fault for life’s
anguish can be
blamed on the same.”

An eyebrow raised.

“As such, I am
disappointed that
things have gone 
so poorly. If I may,
I would like to 
make an exchange.”

Bewildered was Fate.

“There are three
threads I wish to keep,
so please replace
the rest of the weave.”

Shaking her head,
Fate walked away,
leaving me to my…
fruitless complaints.

© CGT, 2018.

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