Labyrinthine Mazes

Crash, these waves,
their frothing rage,
through labyrinthine
coral mazes.

A haze

salted, my eyes,
halting me…

I am denied

the air, the breeze.

The coral rakes me.

I bleed into the froth,
the foam, red,
splinters of bones,
herald my groan
as I am crashed against

the rocks.

Am I flotsam?
A vile detritus,
coating the glory of life
in its fleshy dregs?

I am.

The sun rises,
horizon flying
than the edge
of my waves’ pitiful

“I will sink,”

I pledged,

I died, only to become
one with the coral in time.

©️CGT, 2018.

Audio Remix!

5 Comments on “Labyrinthine Mazes

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  2. This is so unexpected and awesome!!! What’s super cool: the dramatic “crash” start, the fact that you set this to a beat and bass (I’m biased towards both though), the way “frothing” sounds vulgar, your surprisingly great flow (my favorite being, “halting me…I am denied”…fire! as they say, especially because it sounds so badass), the layers of echoing phrases and sound effects (waves, etc.), the varied intonation and inflections and pacing. And bonus for making the English teacher look up a few words. I would totally jam out to this poetry in the car. So creative! And very effectively done, in my opinion. Looking forward to seeing what else comes out of the lab in the future.


    • Thank you for the kind words. It was certainly an interesting experiment that I hope to try many more times.


  3. I had a dream last night that you started a hip-hop category on your blog. Just checking to make sure it was just a dream… lol.


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