I Am Made Of Stone.

I am made of stone.

Cold, hidden by
black earth,
and all alone.

But, I glow.

I glow with the
radiance of
stars unknown,
buried somewhere
in their cosmic homes.

In my veins flows
gold, molten,
glowing like
the flushed faces
of drunken Gods on their
mountain thrones.

Yet, I am still cold.

When the burning flow
rises from the core,
it will cradle me.

“Fire the forge and bellow free!”

I will scream as She,
the newly-hatched Phoenix being,
melts my stone,
cinders from bones.

As the gold drips and flows,
She and I, Phoenix and Stone,

will no longer be alone.

© CGT, 2018.

5 Comments on “I Am Made Of Stone.

  1. No! I had my own Phoenix poetry brewing. You beat me to it, but I’m glad because I like the topic and your writing, so it’s a win-win. Let’s see if I can blend feedback with the mirror (for the others who don’t have the two-way)…

    I like the contradicting elements throughout, and the mirror very clearly shows my own internal and external dualities: we all have them, one way or another. I am super drawn to the cosmos, so when you frequently tie it into your poetry, it excites me in a geeky way (I just got my “Understanding the Universe” DVD collection in the mail).

    From the “flushed faces of drunken Gods” to the Phoenix to “cinders from bones”… just creative genius to be able to conjure up: cold, hard, glowing facts (not flattery). ANOTHER favorite.


    • Thank you! The Phoenix theme can be found in some of my older poems. Rebirth seems to be a central theme and you know how I like to personify things.


      • It reminded me that I want to teach one of my favorite books again: Fahrenheit 451. So now I’m getting geeky excited about school in the middle of the summer. (Looks like you pulled an all-nighter with The Muses! I gotta catch up before you start deleting…)


      • It was like a mirror there for a while… 🙂


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