Pareidolia Unfolding

Ink blots, spots,
on what is seen
when we pause
to consider
what might have been.

Or is.

Or will be.

Pareidolia unfolding,
in the shapes of clouds,
or a knot of dogwood,
or magnolia,
or the Jesus-toast…

(The broken bread? A chalice held high overhead?)

…can tell you
anything you want
and ignore the truth instead.

“It’s a moth!”
“It’s the face of God.”
“It’s Jesus’ face on the cloth!”

The Great Mystery is already
all-consuming enough,
so don’t complicate it
with dried ink
and Hermann’s deep-dive
into the psychological

© CGT, 2018.

7 thoughts on “Pareidolia Unfolding

  1. Great work on this piece, I really like it.

    And I wanted to say, since comments were turned off on you poetry video experiment you posted the other day, that I thought that was amazing. I absolutely loved it and hope you do more videos like that.

    1. I really appreciate the feedback! I took the video down because I mixed it poorly, in my opinion. It’s coming back and many others, I hope. I put the audio track at the bottom of the original Labyrinthine Mazes post.

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