We Were The Wretched Ones

We were the wretched ones.

Destitute and broken inside,
seeking a home where
we could simply be alive.

We thought the Sun rose in the North…

Expecting its warmth to heal us,
we soon learned that the Sun had
already set in the South, and thus,
we met the night-people, indecent,
the wicked child-eaters that only
lived in the blackness of their own hearts.

They crushed us into cages,
glimmering sheets bound
our fear and concealed our ages.


our simmering rages, like seeds,
sprouted secretly behind our hearts,
hidden inside the unknown parts
of our souls – innocent and noble –
soon to replace fear and loathing
for those complicit, wicked, and wrong.

Into the echoes of our chambers,
concrete and cold and evil,
our cries went unanswered
because they had stripped us
from our people.

Wound us, you will,
but we will grow strong,
and when we remember you,
you will already be gone.

© CGT, 2018.

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