Lantern Lights

I am not afraid
of the lantern light,
behind the cracked
window panes.

The glass is dirty,
or perhaps fogged,
by the breath of
beast hidden within.

Desolate, quiet,
and cold… alone,
this cabin, this home,
protects the beast
from those

who would do him harm…

or does it protect them
from his teeth?

The light flickers
as he moves about,
doing beastly things,
but rest assured,
if the light goes out,
he will surely leave…

to find me,
the lurker,
upon whom he’ll feast.

©️ CGT, 2018.

4 Comments on “Lantern Lights

  1. Damn. Again. This emits a fascinating Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde dark duality type of mood for me. Suspenseful even. From the possible breath on the window to the light going out… You brought your A-game with this and Paint Me, Dorian Gray. I’m going to remind you to re-read these later!


    • I enjoyed trying to capture that dark mood. I wonder if we all have a hidden cabin, deep in the deepest woods, where our darker selves live. Thank you!


      • Even your comment is dense with imagery and tale-extenders… a wickedly wonderful thought to entertain, indeed!


  2. I agree, Elle. Super fascinating for me, too! I enjoy a good duality-terror-inducing romp through the dark wood as long as the images aren’t too horrible because I can never, ever un-see things, including imagery. Obol’s usually a trustworthy guide.


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