Holes for Eyes

Like Will O’ the Wisp,
she flits through cypress
trees, with nary a splash.

The pallid moon may crash
into her marsh, for all its
brash peeking.

She dances between moon-shadows
and lurking creatures,


If you see her, flashing
‘twixt the reeds, beware,
for she is not who she seems.

Locks of Spanish moss, grey
like a corpse, frame her
pallid face, where soulless
holes-for-eyes burn in place.

Stinging things,
eaters of the dead,
a maggot feast,
within her head,

command her, turn,
that wicked gaze upon the hunt.

lost in her swamp.

She beckons and opens her maw,
death rattle, banshee scream.

You shouldn’t have answered her call.

©️ CGT, 2018.

3 Comments on “Holes for Eyes

  1. Shit. I had to quickly whip up a sequel in my head in which the Fang kicks her ass. Ironically, I just accidentally backed out of your archives in which I reading one about sweet dreams, lol.


      • Stop. The Fang protected me. Personified Entropy is not defeated but at bay, and now I cannot unsee her.


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