The Dance of Old

Formalities and forms
dictate the norms,
whereupon we step
in the dance of old.

My finest powdered wig,
your bustling dress,
our foppish prancing,
belied the rest.

Rigidly circling,
left and then right,
we thought Old Victoria
made the rules
of the night.

But, a separate dance
swirled in your mind,
wherein your breasts,
and rivulets of sweat,
beat with the drums
of a passion denied.

The harpsichord played
its fancy tune, while
the sweat at my collar
insisted on you.

Somewhere beneath
your bustles and layers,
lay your fine skin,
a different beat,
a more primal player.

Blood beat,
within our ears,
as forms and formalities
fell away,
to the rear.

I’ll cast aside
my powdered wig,
throw up your skirts,
show me your hips,
and I’ll show you what
Old Victoria

really meant

when my primal kiss
burns your lips.

©️ CG Tenpenny, 2018.

15 Comments on “The Dance of Old

  1. It always amazes me how you can create entire stories that whisk away somewhere to convey a feeling. It’s such profound creativity. This is my type of movie night, so I enjoyed it immensely.


      • Ha! Tell me about it. I was trying to keep track of two poems forming simultaneously while the coffee dripped this morning. That’s too much, lol. I’m in like scratchpad scribbling mode these days.


      • It’s fine in the summer, though I feel like a mad scientist sometimes. Not sure what will happen when the muses are whispering to me while I’m in the middle of teaching, lol.


      • I’m learning, since mostly solidifying my stylistic preferences and preferred mechanics, that it just rolls out far more easily than ever. Initially, I would just think of one or two catchy lines and build on it. Now each idea is more complete.


      • It’s cool and inspiring that 400 posts in, you are still developing artistically, perhaps just beginning even.


      • That quality of yours inspires me regularly as a poet, makes me push my own creativity. Sometimes I think I need to give you credit as a mentor. 🙂


      • Like all of us, you live, reinterpret, and express life in your own way. No one deserves credit besides yourself.


      • I disagree in this case. 🙂 You’ll be in my first book dedication. Thank you for unlocking the poetess in me.


      • I haven’t stopped since you told me that in January… 🙌


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