The Unknown Flower

The scent, carried
upon the storm,
reminded me of
the good times,
upon which our
life was formed.

The unknown flower,
its petals danced
upon the wind,
gave rise to happy
thoughts, and the
golden warmth

We danced.

The wind was ours!

Our chance,
though fleeting,
wasn’t measured
in hours.

Those moments,
ancient eons gone,
carried the scent,
the reminders, of our
glorious hopes.

The growing seed,
our flower’s bloom,
contained the warmth,
the love, the boon,
the blessing of love,
a love granted,

granted far too soon.

This day, our roots
are stronger.
High, toward the sun,
his old warmth,
his power,
sends a new scent,
find it,

we are unfurling,
you and I,

The Unknown Flowers.

©️ CG Tenpenny, 2018.

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