Such a Heavenly Place

O’ peaceful day,

thank you for your breeze.

I’ve enjoyed the way,

your wind bends the trees.

This grassy field,

such a heavenly place,

grants me rest

to enjoy the sun’s rays.

Bluest skies above,

greenest grass below,

Your gentle breeze?

Caress my cheek… go

on with your whispers,

I promise I’ll listen,

but the sun’s shimmering…

lulls me to sleep.

©️ CG Tenpenny, 2018.

Wow, this is my 400th published post. Yay, me! It’s fittingly cheerful, I think.

8 Comments on “Such a Heavenly Place

  1. Yay, you, indeed! That’s a lot of published posts! Congrats on a creative milestone, and what a lovely 400th poem to celebrate with.


  2. I sure did need this today–grateful for the timing. I think the eclipse cast a funk on me…


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