Hope Lightly

…and we rise,
bright in
the night.


We… sunrise.

Our story
calls forth
the believers,
lost to their blight.

It is their right.

They’re right
to see the light
and wish upon it.

Wish it to cast
and hope.
Hope lightly,
as they leave

the blackness


©️ CG Tenpenny, 2018.

4 Comments on “Hope Lightly

  1. This really moved me, especially the italicized, “It is their right.” For me, years of moral debating over the supposed wrongness of a life change kept me in those chains. I never focused on my right to the light, sort of just accepted my wrongful sentence to the darkness. I’ve since claimed my right, and nothing feels more morally right. And if Darkness ever tried to reclaim me, I’d put up the fight of my life.

    “We…sunrise” is especially beautiful to me because I envision the embodiment of all such souls–present and past who have gone through the same struggle–as this sunrise, rising, together, united, and also bringing their proof that it can be done to inspire, bring that hope, to others currently in that situation. For now, and I hope always, I join them.

    How wonderful for a poet, a poem, words, to be able to make a sunrise even more beautiful than before.

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