The Small Things

One touch is all it takes…
the light caress
upon your cheek
reminds you
of secret things
you need.

Where do you keep your small things…?

Those that please…?

…sly smiles, inside jokes,
and the whims of being free?

Are you free to feel,
free to speak,
free to give,
in return,
the smallest things
that others need?

Wherever those things may be,
herein lay the place
that holds my tiny wishes

(the ones I hope you won’t need).

We don’t know each other,
but somewhere inside
lay a folded message,
a wish, bequeathed;
it’s my lightest touch
on your cheek.

It’s a bond of friendship.

It’s a wish for happiness.

It’s the sum of a loving offer,
for hand on shoulder,
or a fleeting caress.

We pass in the night
and share a smile.

Without guile.

Later, head on pillow,
we wonder at the day.
Close to sleep, right hand
touches the coolness beneath.

Our fingertips meet,
and we remember that
small thing. Shared. Pure.

We remember our needs.

But, the touch, its warmth,
comforts in the cold night,
when we only really needed
the smallest things.

©️ CG Tenpenny, 2018.

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