Let Fly in Measures

Blurry dreams
of waking things
touch like feathers
on the sleeping me.

Downy drifts, soft
and warm, sifted
through my catcher,
staving arrows, bolts,
from a wicked fletcher.

He lets fly in measures.

Salvos, two-at-once,
to pierce the map
that leads dreamily
to the treasures
of the mind, hiding
in plain sight,
those loving dreams
that calm the night.


I am the quiver,
where the nightmare
fletcher stows his bolts
for nightly

The bloodletter
measures success
in cups, liters,
and sweat-soaked

My dream-catcher
is tattered from
the nightly fusillade
of nightmares made
by the haunting fletcher.

©️ CG Tenpenny, 2018.

5 Comments on “Let Fly in Measures

  1. Loved this one, too! Fantastic imagery and personification with the dream-catcher and fletcher. Especially cool to me is “…measures success in cups, liters, and sweat-soaked pillow-feathers.” (I appreciate the just-right amount of words you usually make me look up, too.) I like the opposite effect that was expressed of how peaceful it seems for the narrator to wake and escape that dreadful night-time world. I’ve always felt blessed that although I dream every night, the fletcher always bypasses me (or my dream-catcher has extra-magical powers). I wish I could make or find extra-powerful dream-catchers to share.

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