About Obol

First things first: I’m all over the place with subject matter for my poetry. My ultimate desire is to give readers something different each time they visit. I’m not always successful, as some of my themes are recurrent, but I certainly try.

I suppose I’m a multi-disciplinary artist. My skills are satisfactory at many things, but I’ve mastered nothing. I’d say writing is the foundation for all of it. Poetry is featured most heavily and I suspect that’s because I don’t have to devote a great deal of time to it. There is also a bit of fictional prose here, but those entries are part of an incomplete whole.

I think of myself as a storyteller and those stories thread through much of my poetry and the prose, as you might guess. If you have a chance, please dig into the wardrobe… you might find something lightly-worn, but otherwise well-fitting.

As I mentioned above, I try my best to give you something different and unexpected, but also relatable. I think about all manner of weird things and I hope I can create something unusual in your mind’s eye.

I sincerely hope you find something here that is meaningful to you.

If you want to offer scathing critique, or just say hello, please email me here.


Talk to me.

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