Poetry Compilation

All of it.

[I’m not sure if this is useful, but I plan to keep all the poetry here. Can’t guarantee parallel updates, but this seems like an easier way to see the older works. Newest on top and set to open in a new tab. © All Rights Reserved, CG Tenpenny, 2016-17]

Keeper of Gilded Things.

Lunch with Plato.

This Reductionist Block.

Woven Moment.


Autumn’s Message.

An Adhesive Thing.


What Portent…

Of Dreams, Dream Deep.

Storm Light.

Acetate Burns.

The Cave’s Inky Space.

Cosmos Raining.

The Young and Dead.

Time’s Deep Scars.

Lost in the Wind.

Twilight’s Fathoms.

Copy-Heart Plagiarizer.

Beneath Blackest Earth.

Don’t Question It.

Reining Storm.

For Cory.

My Skin. Your Skin.

Hermit King

To Liar’s Gold


Wake the Water.

Spiral. Silence.

Burning Nightly

Scratching Stars.

Replete with Stars.

Words, They Plow.

Us. Again. Repose.

To Lavender’s Gifts.

Eclectic Dynamo

Rusted Machine

Dreams, Regrets, and Tears.

Of Wool and Sheep.


You, I See Through.

This Carousel.

Parts and Fragments

Love is Lost.

The Breaking Wheel.

St. Peter’s Ledger

My Magic Shell.

Softest Fleshes

Compass Broken

Opaque Veils.

Bloom, She Must!

Gate of Change

Vanish, No Trace.

They Spin for You.

Warming, Warning, Calling.

Carousel’s Song Played.

To He, Her Way.

Who are We? To Each, Unknown.

Gold Weld. Treatises.

The Casket’s Paisley Lining.

The Rank and File Host.

Ground to Fibers

Paparazzi. Reaching Through.

She was The Fang.

Burned Skin.

Taffy Taught Me.

The Intern’s Sword.

Toe-Castles and Moats.

Retrieve from Dream’s Deep.

Un-Molting, Tragic.

Your Armor, Milady.

Cookies for Nick.

I See You.

We Had Only Just Begun.

In a Way

To Reach Her Skies

Please Dream of Me.

Fingers Touch and Unite.

The Grinder’s Fleshy Dregs.

42, and a Bit More.

Slight, but Sleepy Smile.

Willful Addict.

Seems Apropos.

I Stole the Night and Ship

In Eternal Halls

Over Earthen Spine

Breakfast in Sestos, I Made You Crepes.

Dance Again, We Rise.

Old Fisher Hungers

Dead Poets Stirring

Whispered Low of Golden Hearts


The Pieces of Me, You Adored Them?

The Old Swing.

The Confused Muse Refused.

The Red Brick Road

Cosmic Lovers’ Caress

Brightly, Blindly. Heart’s Gold.

His Songbook? Spell-Book’s Page.

Beyond Eon’s Black Reach.

Today’s High Tea with Kalliope

What Seeds Lay Sleeping?



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