Prose Compilation

Here be prose.

The Fulcrum: these works are related and should be viewed as origin stories. Within this section, please read in this order:

Fulcrum I – Timmons-by-the-Sea – here we meet the veteran warrior, Orloff Evermore.

Fulcrum II – The Shadow of Her Parents – exiled and alone.

Fulcrum III – The Keep at Springwine – This is a story about the price of war.

Fulcrum IV – The Springwine Flows – Its cost is enormous

Fulcrum V – The Miles Ahead – and always unforgiving.

Fulcrum VI – to be published soon!

The Compromise – A popular story from this world.

*Related poetry

She was The Fang.

The Ballad of Ahrendel

LARP-Related Fantasy: these flash fictions/shorts are things I wrote primarily for a LARP I was involved with. They haven’t been edited much, so please forgive the broken pieces.

Oberon vs. The Book – this was a secret that didn’t see the light of day, unfortunately. It was to be printed and included in a physical book that players would discover.

What follows is part of the same narrative, though each event is isolated:

The Dwarves at Botan – this was a “storyboard” sequence. We used that term incorrectly, perhaps, as its really an exposition for events between actual in-person gatherings.

The Orbonnian Soldier – another storyboard in the series.

The Battle of Botan – more!

Siege of Marcé, The Elven Host – there were a lot of storyboards during this period.

Simulacrum – an imagined storyboard that was deemed unnecessary. It’s kind of crazy, honestly.

On the Origin of Necromancy, Part I – I have no idea what this was for.

On the Origin of Necromancy, Part II – That said, it was written with the LARP in mind.

Random Fantasy Prose: things that are complete or in progress.

Josef – a short I wrote for the collective mentioned inside.

Wingdust and the Tiger Tails, Part I – this is based on a story my mother used to tell us as kids. It’s important to me and it’s in progress.


Hopefully, much more is to come!


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